iCheckGateway.com can design and host an online payment page for you that matches all the branding of your site, but saves you from worrying about security issues. The appearance of your website remains the same, but all the payment data is seamlessly and securely submitted to iCheckGateway.com—no cardholder data is transmitted through your server because the payment page is hosted on our secure servers.

You don’t have to worry with writing any kind of code. Once your payment portal has been built, we will send you a secure link to which you will direct the “Pay” button on your website.

You also have the option to enable recurring payments on your payment portal at no extra charge so your customers can instantly sign up to be automatically billed on a payment schedule of their choice.

All transactions received through your custom payment portal appear in your iCheckGateway.com online terminal for easy, consolidated reporting.

Hosted bill payment portals come in a variety of formats. These can be deployed to simply accept a payment from your customer with either an ACH eCheck or Credit Card or they can be deployed under a highly datadriven and seamless integration project scope.

Let us design a customized secure payment page for you today!

Hosted ACH and Credit Card Bill Payment Portals
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