Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service allows you to process credit card or ACH eCheck transactions using any standard touchtone phone or cell phone. With IVR, customers are allowed to pay their bills without having to speak with a live representative. Payments can be submitted over any touchtone phone easily, instantly and securely and does not require any type of Internet connection.

IVR is highly flexible to the specific needs of your business. Standard deployments efficiently enable your customer to submit payment, while more advanced versions are data driven so that the caller can hear account specific information. Support for English and Spanish are available by default, but additional language support can be added as needed.

And remember, all IVR payments flow into the Online Terminal so no matter how you are paid, they are all managed and reporting in the same plaAnd remember--all IVR payments flow into the Online Terminal, so no matter how you are paid, all your payments are managed in the same place in the same reporting.  Furthermore, we customize and deploy IVR for no additional upfront investment or setup fee!

ACH and Credit Card IVR Systems
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