R01: Insufficient Funds
R02: Account Closed
R03: No Account/Unable to Locate Account
R04: Invalid Account Number
R05: Reserved
R06: Returned per ODFIs Request
R07: Authorization Revoked by Customer
R08: Payment Stopped or Stop Payment on Item
R09: Uncollected Funds
R10: Customer Advises Not Authorized
R11: Check Truncation Entry Return
R12: Branch sold to another DFI
R13: RDFI not qualified to participate
R14: Re-presentment payee deceased or unable to continue in that capacity
R15: Beneficiary of account holder deceased
R16: Account Frozen
R17: File record edit criteria
R18: Improper effective entry date
R19: Amount field error
R20: Non-Transaction Account
R21: Invalid company identification
R22: Invalid individual ID number
R23: Credit entry refused by receiver
R24: Duplicate entry
R25: Addenda error
R26: Mandatory field error
R27: Trace number error
R28: Routing number check digit error
R29: Corporate customer advises not authorized
R30: RDFI not participant in check truncation program
R31: Permissible return entry
R32: RDFI non-settlement
R33: Return of XCK entry
R34: Limited participation DFI
R35: Return of improper debit entry
R36: Return of improper credit entry
R40: Return of ENR entry by Federal Government Agency (ENR Only)
R41: Invalid transaction code (ENR Only)
R42: Routing number/check digit error (ENR only)
R43: Invalid DFI account number (ENR only)
R44: Invalid individual ID number (ENR only)
R45: Invalid individual name/company name (ENR only)
R46: Invalid representative payee indicator (ENR only)
R47: Duplicate enrollment
R50: State Law Affecting RCK Acceptance
R51: Item is Ineligible, Notice Not Provided, Signature not genuine
R52: Stop Payment on Item
R61: Misrouted return
R62: Incorrect trace number
R63: Incorrect dollar amount
R64: Incorrect individual identification
R65: Incorrect transaction code
R66: Incorrect company identification
R67: Duplicate return
R68: Untimely Return
R69: Multiple Errors
R70: Permissible return entry not accepted
R71: Misrouted dishonored return
R72: Untimely dishonored return
R73: Timely original return
R74: Corrected return
R80: Cross-Border Payment Coding Error
R81: Non-Participant in Cross-Border Program
R82: Invalid Foreign Receiving DFI Identification
R83: Foreign Receiving DFI Unable to Settle

NACHA ACH Processing Return Codes
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